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Grimace is a New York City-based artist that combines elements of Graffiti, abstract art, and other worldwide cultural influences taken in from his extensive world traveling to make up his current body of work. Starting off by painting graffiti as a teenager in 1992, Grimace’s artwork has evolved over the years to become Organic Living Breathing Abstract Lifeforms that have their roots in classic “fat and juicy” bubbly graffiti, but with new abstract elements mixed in. Over time, the Abstract forms have taken over the rules of traditional letter formations to become alive, moving, living organic Life Forms growing in their own direction to become live characters of their own, while still lending towards traditional graffiti bubbly styles that would be found on the street. This enables Grimace’s artwork to be admired and respected by both ‘Graffiti purists’ as well as the general public, and children that often get lost in the color fades and hidden characters that can be find lurking in Grimace’s work.

Grimace has always been on ‘both sides of the fence’ and has expressed himself creatively in a variety of ways, including the heaviest focus on music/DJ’ing from the mid 90’s to late 2000’s. DJ’ing events in large warehouse/loft parties in Brooklyn, and Hip-Hop / Bboy events alongside pioneers such as Kool Herc, as well as small intimate gallery openings kept Grimace’s juices flowing, while quietly painting in the background. Following a focus on entrepreneurial pursuits, in 2009 Grimace bought a 1-way ticket to Brazil, and spent the next 4 months backpacking and exploring his way through South America. In his travels Grimace collaborated with artists in Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Argentina, that re-energized his visual artwork as he soaked up styles painting in cities throughout the continent. Additional trips and painting collaborations in Asia added a whole new set of influences that can be seen in his work today. Grimace challenges himself to maintain his traditional New York style while carefully integrating his influence of the richness of worldwide cultures/art into his own.

Over the last 10 years, Grimace’s studio work has been featured in over 2 dozen gallery shows, while painting a healthy amount of outdoor murals that continue to shine in New York and all over the world. Studio work often incorporates creative elements from the streets in his work or even makes use of found objects as the medium for Grimace to paint on. In 2010, Grimace co-curated an immersive art show at the legendary (now extinct) Mars Bar in the East Village. This involved painting of the outside walls, inside walls, bar, ceilings, jukebox, and everything in between to turn Mars Bar into a ‘living, breathing, art piece’.
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Recent notable larger-scale projects include a commission to paint a replica subway Train on the 69th Floor of the World Trade Center, which is currently Spotify’s Headquarters (2017). Grimace was also a featured artist in the Centre-Fuge public art project in the East Village and has his work featured on a large Trailer on display during the Summer of 2018. Most recently in 2019, Grimace was brought on to paint the “Art Boat”, a tourist ferry that has been painted inside and out by top Street Artists that will be setting sail in the New York Harbor in Spring 2019.

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